We offer a full range of Production Engineering & Optimization services


Codeco-Vanoco Consulting has an experienced Production Engineering department ready to assist you in the review and optimization of your existing and future requirements. Whether opex or capex in nature, our team is well versed in gas, heavy oil, ‘light oil’ fields and specialize in assisting with waterproof or polymer based floods. 


  • Artificial lift sizing and installation (pump off controllers, plunger lift, gas lift, insert pumps, progressive cavity pumps and ESP installations)
  • Benchmarking assets against other fields for reliability and adopting value adding technology
  • Build, execute and deliver on budget/long range plan, base and capital volumes
  • Challenging traditional operational practices
  • Compression optimization, line looping, and booster installations
  • Communicating and meeting with operations in the assigned field(s) on a regular basis
  • Debottlenecking and optimizing existing infrastructure
  • Enhancing subsurface wellbore design (e.g., consideration of applicable technology and tubulars)
  • EOR optimization of floods involving polymer, waterflood, surfactant, and microbes
  • Fluid shot analysis
  • Improving measurement techniques (SCADA, coriolis, meters, random samplers, etc.)
  • Optimization of waterflood patterns (Voidage Replacement Ratio and rotational production efforts)
  • Opex reduction
  • Power studies with the utility provider
  • Production performance monitoring, forecasting and optimization
  • Pump card review
  • Recompletions and workovers
  • Renegotiating contracts (Processing Fees, Surface Land Rentals)
  • Troubleshooting reservoir deliverability issues
  • Water shut off
  • Facility Design and Construction
  • LDAR – Leak Detection and Repair