Codeco – Vanoco Engineering Inc., was founded in March of 2019 from a merger between Codeco Consulting (2000) Inc. and Vanoco Consulting Ltd. 

Codeco Consulting (2000) Inc. had provided wellsite construction, drilling, completion and abandonment engineering and supervision/project management to the energy industry for 33 years. Blake Walliser, started with the company in 1996 as an Operations Engineer, progressed to Vice President of Operations and finally taking over as President in 2014.  He has seen many changes during his career in terms of Health, Safety and Environment, technological advancements and the need to globalize to remain competitive. Codeco’s status as a leader in engineering, quality supervisors and customer service had allowed the company to maintain its longevity in the energy industry throughout the industry.

Vanoco Consulting was started by Derek Rae, P.Eng. in 2008. Derek had developed a reputation of providing superior drilling engineering, project management, supervision and regulatory compliance in Canada, the US and internationally through Vanoco Consulting. With offices in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Denver, Colorado in the USA, Vanoco positioned itself to be a leader in consulting to geothermal, mining and oil and gas.

The merger to form Codeco –Vanoco Engineering Inc. became a reality primarily because of parallels in company values, people, work ethic and a desire to be the best. The combination of the two companies allows us to strengthen the team, reduce costs, ultimately adding value to our existing and potential client base.