Codeco-Vanoco Engineering Inc. Participates in Geothermal Project

Geothermal project


Geothermal Project
Geothermal project


Codeco -Vanoco Engineering Inc. is pleased to announce the successful completion of drilling activities and the participation in the Eavor Technologies, Eavor-Lite™ Demonstration (geothermal) Project near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

Codeco-Vanoco Engineering Inc. helped design and implement the drilling and completion programs for the unique geo-thermal application as well as provided on-site supervision during the project. The project consisted of the World’s first of its kind multi-lateral horizontal drilling intersection which was made safely, successfully and on budget.

The demonstration consisted of two drilling rigs spaced approximately 2.5km apart, commenced vertical drilling operations to an intermediate casing point of approx. 2,400m (2.4km). Once these vertical sections were cased and cemented in place, both rigs continued to drill two multi-lateral wellbore sections towards each other until making precise and safe wellbore intersections of the 156mm (6.125”) diameter opposing boreholes. As the multi-lateral wellbore intersections are now successfully intersected, the drilling rigs have been released and final completion operations are currently on-going.

As these wellbores are made watertight, a benign, environmentally friendly, working fluid is added to the closed loop as a circulating fluid.  This working fluid is contained within the system and isolated from the earth in the Eavor-Loop™. The wellbores act as conduits, not wells producing fluid from the earth.

The working fluid naturally circulates without requiring an external pump due to the thermosiphon effect of a hot fluid rising in the outlet well and a cool fluid falling in the inlet well.  The working fluid contained in this closed loop system brings thermal energy to the surface where it is harvested for use in direct heat application or converted to electricity with a power generation module (heat engine). Unlike heat pumps (or “geo-exchange”), which convert electricity to heat using very shallow wells, a commercial Eavor-Loop™ will generate industrial scale electricity or produces enough heat for the equivalent of 16,000 homes with a single installation.

Codeco -Vanoco Engineering Inc., and has been a leader in providing engineering and project management to the energy industry for over 30 years in Canada and the U.S. through our subsidiary Vanoco Consulting LLC based in Denver, Colorado.  Our experienced technical teams can provide engineering and consulting services to all sectors of the energy industry including sustainable energy projects.

If you interested in learning more about Eavor Technologies and their revolutionary geothermal methods of clean energy visit their website at: