Your trusted partner in Emergency Response preparation, planning and execution.

Emergency Response Planning and Management

Codeco-Vanoco Engineering has overseen several operations for a wide demographic of clients; ranging from startup operator to Government Agency to Major Exploration and Production Company. As we have found, the best way to manage the enactment of an Emergency Response Plan is to risk your asset, ensure maintenance meets or exceeds industry standards, and appropriate safeguards are in place (such as subsurface safety valves or wellhead guards). However, despite an organization’s best efforts, should an incident occur, regardless of severity, management of an unplanned event requires a skilled assessment of the risk and how best to allocate resources to minimize the severity of the incident.

Codeco-Vanoco Engineering is skilled at enacting a Company-provided Emergency Response Plan and serving as the Incident Command Systems (ICS) Situation Lead, Planning Chief, Operations Chief, or, if necessary, the Incident Director. We are trained for response to facility fires, pipeline ruptures, environmental contamination, leaking wellheads, blowout conditions, and can direct media and crisis communications.

What is unique about Codeco-Vanoco’s approach is that we proactively review the assets to minimize the need to enact a plan. It’s our goal to keep a plan exactly that… a plan. As part of our value add, we ensure our client understands the insurance deductible, we proactively approach key vendors for pre-negotiated rates to address the potential scenarios and oversee environmental assessments. Also, we believe that practise makes perfect through table top exercises. Everything matters and when a situation materializes and our decisions yield the best possible result for the human factor, wildlife, the environment, your Corporate reputation, and the asset itself.

When a plan is enacted, a comprehensive approach is applied; from understanding the scenario to engaging the necessary regulatory officials, to logistical oversight, to financial consideration, to execution, to continuous improvement lookbacks.


  • Understand the resources available to us during drills and planning,
  • Understand the emergency,
  • Enact the client’s ERP,
  • Mobilize our supervisory field staff,
  • Establish an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC),
  • Control the area through barricades,
  • Mobilize necessary equipment to a staging area,
  • Interface with regulatory, municipal, and individual stakeholders,
  • Engage in contingency planning for various scenarios,
  • Provide updates to the client for media and stakeholder interfacing,
  • Seek resolution through 24-hour support,
  • Control and neutralize the situation,
  • Assist with any investigative work, and
  • Continuously improve your ERP.

We are experience. Allow Codeco-Vanoco to be your trusted partner in Emergency Response preparation, planning and execution.