We have the software and the expertise
Well planning & drilling engineering

Codeco-Vanoco Engineering is a Calgary based engineering company that is focused on both renewable and non-renewable resource projects, that affords our clients access to leading technology for their projects. We have the software solutions and technical expertise to offer unmatched value in: 

Well Planning (Trajectory Design)

Codeco-Vanoco uses industry recognized directional planning software, such as Landmark’s COMPASS™ software to generate well trajectory plan for directional, horizontal and multi-lateral wells. We provide 2D and 3D directional and horizontal well planning with wall plots and anti-collision in a detailed report with spider and 3D proximity plot. Codeco-Vanoco also does SAGD Well Planning and horizontal well pad location layout work for commercial optimization applications.

Torque & Drag Analysis (TDA)

Torque and drag problems are very common during drilling and casing running operations. Codeco-Vanoco uses K&M’s ERA (Extended Reach Analysis) or Landmark’s Wellplan™ software to provide Torque & Drag Analysis (TDA) for high angle and horizontal well profiles and as built survey applications. TDA modeling can be monitored during drilling operations and compared to the pre-plan model to allow for operational optimization.

Casing Design (Vertical, Slant, Horizontal Well Profiles)
Codeco-Vanoco uses Landmark’s Stress Check™ software to provide accurate valuation of casing wear limits, minimum-cost design solutions, comprehensive design summary of minimum burst, collapse, axial and tri-axial safety factors for each string with connections.
Steam Hydraulics (SAGD or Steam Drive)

Codeco-Vanoco uses Fractical Solution’s QFLOW™ Software to predict the pressure and phase behavior in a steam injection well. Steam distribution modeling is fundamental in sizing casing for a Steam Injection project, and especially important in
pressure sensitive operations like Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage Projects. QFLOW™ can simulate insulated tubing and outflow control devices.

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Well Planning (Wellbore Designing)
  • Sensitivity analysis on friction factors and tortuosity
  • Friction factor calibration with Pason data
  • Steam injection with tubing mounted steam splitters
We also provide:
  • Design Factors in Collapse, Burst and Tension as well as Tri-axial loading for Casing Design in Drilling Programs
  • Pick up weight, slack off weight prediction and verification of string buckling in Bottomhole Assembly (BHA) Assessment
  • Assessment of Over-pull Margin during tripping and wellbore hydraulics for Drilling Rig Selection
  • Tension, Hook load and torque predictions for Casing Design and Casing Connection Selection
  • Pulldown force Assessment for lateral extension (horizontal well length) evaluation in Shallow Extended Reach Drilling and Completion Operations
  • Steam Quality, Wellhead Pressure, Horizontal Pressure Drop and any annular space Super-heating in SAGD Steam Injection Wells including Insulated Tubing systems


In addition to our completion services we can also supply Directive 83/IRP 24 Hydraulic Fracturing notifications which include:
  • Assist in the development of Inter-wellbore Communication Policies
  • Analysis of any Identified Offset Wells (IOW)
  • Arrange for your Remote Monitoring and other risk mitigation processes
  • Provide a Post Frac Report on your Monitoring
We also offer all of your post frac/completion regulatory services:
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Flare Permits
  • Flare Notifications
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