We have the software and the expertise


Codeco-Vanoco Engineering is a Calgary oil and gas engineering company that offerings services that are unique to our competitors. We have the software and the expertise to offer services such as:

Well Planning (Wellbore Designing)

Codeco-Vanoco uses Landmark’s COMPASS™ software to generate well trajectory plan for directional and horizontal wells. We provide 2D and 3D directional and horizontal well planning with wall plots and anti­collision in a detailed report with spider and 3D proximity plot. Codeco-Vanoco also does SAGD Well Planning and horizontal well pad location layout work for commercial scheme applications.

Torque Drag Analysis (TDA)

Torque and drag problems are very common during the drilling and casing running operations. Codeco-Vanoco uses Landmark’s Wellplan™ software to provide Torque & Drag Analysis (TDA) for high angle and horizontal well profiles and as built survey applications.

Casing Design (Vertical, Slant, Horizontal Well Profiles)

Codeco-Vanoco uses Landmark’s Stress Check™ software to provide accurate valuation of casing wear limits, minimum-cost design solutions, comprehensive design summary of minimum burst, collapse, axial and tri­axial safety factors for each string with connections.

Steam Hydraulics (SAGD or Steam Drive)

Codeco-Vanoco uses Fractical Solution’s QFLOW™ Software to predict the pressure and phase behavior in a steam injection well. Steam distribution modeling is fundamental in sizing casing for a Steam Injection project and especially important in pressure sensitive operations like Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage Projects. QFLOW™ can simulate insulated tubing and outflow control devices.

At Codeco-Vanoco we have the expertise to model:

  • Drilling (rotating on/off bottom; sliding or back reaming) and tripping
  • Sensitivity analysis on friction factors and tortuosity
  • Friction factor calibration with Pason data
  • Steam injection with tubing mounted steam splitters

We also provide:

  • Design Factors in Collapse, Burst and Tension as well as Tri-axial loading for Casing Design in Drilling Programs
  • Pick up weight, slack off weight prediction and verification of string buckling in Bottomhole Assembly (BHA) Assessment
  • Assessment of Over-pull Margin during tripping and wellbore hydraulics for Drilling Rig Selection
  • Tension, Hook load and torque predictions for Casing Design and Casing Connection Selection
  • Pulldown force Assessment for lateral extension (horizontal well length) evaluation in Shallow Extended Reach Drilling and Completion Operations
  • Steam Quality, Wellhead Pressure, Horizontal Pressure Drop and any annular space Super-heating in SAGD Steam Injection Wells including Insulated Tubing systems


In addition to our completion services we can also supply Directive 83/IRP 24 Hydraulic Fracturing notifications which include:

  • Assist in the development of Inter-wellbore Communication Policies
  • Analysis of any Identified Offset Wells (IOW)
  • Arrange for your Remote Monitoring and other risk mitigation processes
  • Provide a Post Frac Report on your Monitoring

We also offer all of your post frac/completion regulatory services:

  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Flare Permits
  • Flare Notifications